about Brittany


I was first introduced to sewing when I was around 10 years old. My mother decided one day she was going to teach herself how to sew. (its funny now to think I did the same thing years later!) I remember her going to a pawn shop, finding a machine and coming home excited to make clothes. At that time I had ZERO interest in sewing! LOL! But when needed, I would help my mom cut out patterns, transfer markings, and finish off seams with her serger.

Fast-forward to 2013 and I was in need of a major hobby! Being a military spouse, and mother of 3 (at that time) I had lost myself in being everything to everybody and became really depressed! I didn’t think sewing was the magic answer but I decided to give it a try after I had our third child and I needed more clothes. I figured maxi skirts would be easy to make and I could make a few in different colors! So I watched a couple Youtube videos for maxi skirts and I purchased my own sewing machine in February 2014. The gratifying feeling I got from finishing my first maxi skirt hooked me! I went from maxi skirts to pajamas, to robes, and pillows. Some projects were a success, some not so much! With the help of YouTube videos, online classes, and sewing books, I got better and fell completely in love with sewing!

In 2016, I launched this blog and Youtube channel and since I’ve been able to create a wardrobe that’s 90% me-made! I’ve also been an editor for a digital sewing magazine, collaborated with amazing online fabric stores, worked with commercial and indie pattern companies, been featured in published magazines, and an ambassador for a sewing machine company.

I am a Georgia born, military spouse, stay at home mother of four (three boys, one girl), and a woman of God. I am a worshipper and love Jesus Christ! When I’m not sewing, I’m thinking about sewing lol, or out running errands, shopping, planning my next project, being an uber for our children, working out, or studying/researching more about….you guessed it…..sewing!!

Now that you know a little more about me, I hope you’ll stick around for more!