Meet Brittany


My name is Brittany J Jones and welcome to my blog! I absolutely love to sew and I’m here to share my journey to learning more about sewing and hopefully inspire you to start, or come out of your comfort ‘sew’ zone and try new things with me!

My mother taught me the basics of sewing when I was young however, I didn’t fall in love with it until I purchased my own sewing machine in 2014. The gratifying feeling I got from finishing my first maxi skirt hooked me! I went from maxi skirts to pajamas to robes to home décor. Some projects were a success, some not so much! With the help of YouTube videos, Craftsy classes, and sewing books, today I am using new techniques and sewing with a lot of commercial patterns to improve my skills with every new project.

I am a Georgia born, military spouse, stay at home mother of four, and a woman of God. I love baking birthday cakes for my squad (that’s what I call my family), watching children movies and fishing with my husband. When I’m not sewing, I’m probably in church, out running errands, shopping, twisting my hair, working out, or eating something I’m going to have to work out harder the next day to burn off!!

Again, welcome to my blog, now let’s Live, Love & Sew together!!